#FiqueEmCasaUseDebian: it was 35 days with talks, translations and packaging

18/06/2020 por Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana

The Debian Brasil community organized from May 3rd to Jun 6th, 2020, an online event called #FiqueEmCasaUseDebian (#StayHomeUseDebian). During 27 nights, the DDs Daniel Lenharo and Paulo Santana hosted guests who shared their knowledge about Debian. The event was initially planned to finish on May 30, but it was extended for one more week due to attendees' request. The format of the event was inspired on #FiqueEmCasaConf which took place in April, organized by Jeferson Fernando from LINUXtips.


There were 27 activities streamed online, one per night, which are available on Debian Brasil's Youtube channel and on Peertube. The 21 people who shared their knowledge in those activities produced approximately 35 hours of content about themes related to Debian. Until the closing session, the Youtube channel had registered:

We believe a good amount of viewers from other countries are likely due to the talk given in English by the current DPL Jonathan Carter entitled "A mixed bag of Debian".

l10n pt-BR Sprint

The Brazilian Portuguese localization team (debian-l10n-portuguese) took advantage of the #FiqueEmCasaUseDebian to make a call for new contributors to help to translate the debian.org website. A l10n pt-BR sprint was held on May 28th and 29th, in the context of the first MiniDebCamp online.

The debian-l10n-portuguese mailing list has not seen many action for a while, and since May 1 until June 8 there were 778 new messages with different questions around the translate process, suggestions, explanations, and so on.

The outcome was 4 new translated pages and 64 pages with translations updated. The number of translations updated is greater than new translated pages because of the team's decision to focus on lowering the number of outdated translated pages.

Join our team and help us improve the Debian Project!

Packaging Workshop

During the #FiqueEmCasaUseDebian a group of 5 Brazilian DDs organized an online packaging workshop to teach interested people how to package software to Debian. The participants made their first contributions to the project and hopefully they will keep it up!

In 5 Saturdays was held online meetings via Jitsi to teach packaging procedures. After that, during week days were sent some tasks to the participants (like a "homework"), and every night at least one of the DDs was available in our Jitsi videoconference room to answer any question that might come up.

The statistics of this packaging workshop was considered really good by the organizers. It was a huge success! Check it out:

We hope future DMs and DDs come up from this group of great people who engaged with us in this endeavor! Let's keep Debian as the universal operating system :)

Final Words

The goal of #FiqueEmCasaUseDebian was to bring good content to people who is struggling with this hard moment of social distancing due to COVID-19 pandemic. If we need to stay home the maximum we can, we might take advantage of that and try to learn something new, chat online with old and new friends. We hope this event had helped us to stay together around Debian.

Stay home, stay safe!