Status: este projeto foi descontinuado

BrDesktop, anteriormente conhecido como Debian-BR-CDD, era um sistema Debian GNU/Linux desenvolvido com foco nos(as) usuários(as) brasileiros(as). Veja as características que fariam você utilizar o BrDesktop no seu Desktop ;)


Mais informações

We were an official package for the Debian GNU/Linux operating system that has been designed specifically for those of you who live, work and use Linux as your desktop operating system in Brazil.

Due to this package being incorporated into the Debain official package, we no longer need to create or update this any longer.

BrDesktop is a preconfigured packaged distribution for brazilian Debian GNU/Linux home desktop users in pure blend. The main goal of BrDesktop is to allow brazilian users an easy way to install and use Debain right from the start without needing to supplement additional Debain packages after the initial installation.

Additional packages include portuguese language desktop as well as additional brazilian localization options and packages pre-selected.

The bundle is meant to include what most brazilian users would come to want and expect in a desktop application.

The BrDesktop Lenny iso image uses the Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.1 Lenny packages up-to-date as of 23-April-2016.

Arquivos do projeto Debian-BD-CDD